Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the best time to do my session?

I am definitely NOT a model and have no clue what to do during the shoot… will you pose me?

How much do ladies typically spend on their session?

How do I view and order my photos?

When can I do my session?

Are my photos safe?

Do you photograph men too?

What about couples?

Will my photos end up on your website or social media?

I want to gift this to my partner, what should I give?

How much editing do you do? Can you do the MOST?

How do I get ready for my session?

Your website shows photos that are pretty tame… can I get a bit more saucy??

What should I wear? Does it have to be lingerie?

Does my session have to take place at your studio?

How do you pronounce Boudoir?

What about nudes? Are they required? Allowed?

Can I bring a friend to my session?
Of course you can! I recommend limiting it to one friend at the most, but

Can I send you a Pinterest board for inspiration?
Absolutely! I love seeing inspiration images… it helps me see what your ideas are and your goals in the shoot. It also allows me to understand the level of sexy you’re aiming for! So, YES! Please send me your ideas and images! Just note that I use these as inspiration only… I never try to duplicate a photo someone else has taken for a variety of reasons. 1. I’m not that photographer with her artistic vision. 2. You’re not that lady in the photo. 3. The locations are totally different. 4. The lighting is different. 5. Your wardrobe is different. 5. It’s all different. BUT we will create images that are unique and beautiful and show off your awesomeness and my artistic perspective. It’s going to be amazing!

Where is your studio located?
I work out of my house alongside my two trusty assistants, Nolte and Zaza - my super cute Yorkies. I am located in South Austin in a cute little neighborhood that is transitioning like everywhere else in Austin.